Durian dreams

tasty August 31, 2017 16:00

By The Nation

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Red Rose Restaurant of Shanghai Mansion Bangkok in Chinatown is gearing up for the Mid-Autumn celebration with its fresh durian mooncakes hand-made with Mon Thong durian celebrated for its gorgeous colour, velvety texture and rich fragrance.

Since 2014, Red Rose’s talented culinary team has been delivering fresh durian mooncakes to high acclaim. This year’s version uses fresh, blended organic durian sourced directly from the farm and topped with glistening gold and silver leaf.

Before starting work on their creations, the restaurant’s chefs headed to Lung Suan District in the Southern province of Chumphon, which has the climate and soil ideal for durian cultivation. In Lung Suan, the team discovered a picturesque, organic 40-rai family orchard that produces among the country's best Mon Thong durian. Mon Thong mean “golden pillow” in Thai, an apt name for the fruit's exceptionally radiant colour and velvet-like texture. 

Red Rose's Mon Thong mooncake consists of freshly pureed Mon Thong durian enveloped in a light, fresh moon cake dough, a signature in-house recipe. The Chinese character for “lucky” is impressed on the top of the mooncake and embellished with gold and silver leaf. The mooncakes are preservative free.

“Our chef was inspired by the snow skin mooncake, a non-baked mooncake with fruit filling that originated in Hong Kong. Traditional mooncakes are made with salted egg yolks and lotus seed paste, and can be quite oily and high in sugar. The snow skin mooncake uses fresh dough. It’s less oily, relies on fruit for its sweetness, and is served cold – making it a light and refreshing treat. 

“The chef adjusted amount of flour used in the typical snow skin mooncake to create a home-made recipe that is unique to Red Rose. Since durian is popular among Thais and foreigners, especially the Chinese, we decided to use a pure blended version of the fresh fruit for the filling,” said Woraluck Bangprasert, general manager of the Shanghai Mansion Hotel.

They are available from now until October 4 and sell for Bt130 a piece and Bt880 for a box of eight pieces.

A traditional mooncake with egg yolk custard filling is also available at Bt100 apiece and Bt680 for a box of eight. A 15-per-cent discount is applicable to all orders placed before September 15. Orders of 10-plus boxes will receive a 20-per-cent discount. To place an order, call (02) 221 2121.