• Crustacean Wonton Soup in Imperial Oolong broth
  • Lobster Phad Gaprow
  • Chu Chee Pla Hima and Salmon

Terrific teas make the menu magic

tasty July 16, 2017 01:00

By Kupluthai Pungkanon
The Sunday Nation

The elegantly refurbished TWG Tea Boutique has a range of magnificently blended dishes on offer

MARKING ITS FIFTH anniversary, TWG Tea has recently reopened its tea salon and boutique at the Emporium in Bangkok. 

The updated TWG Tea Boutique features walls of hand-crafted glass, bronze fittings, Italian marble floors, crystal lamps and antique mirrors.

A curved “tea wall” holds rows of priceless yellow artisan tins filled with tea that together offer a guided tour of the world’s tastes and preferences.

They’re complemented by a sparkling array of glamorous accessories, gifts and objets d’art for the tea table. 

Even in the midst of all this finery, though, the focus is not lost on tea gastronomy. Only at the Emporium branch, there’s now a clever menu of nine tea-infused dishes to tantalise tea lovers and gourmands alike.

The culinary team has translated the tasting notes of the finest harvests and blends into a whole new dining experience, combining subtle details and complex flavour combinations to suit the local palate.

Anniversary Tea with mangosteen juice and pomegranate syrup, and the multiple delights of the Thai Platter

Guests are first invited to mingle and enjoy a refreshing mocktail of Anniversary Tea blended with mangosteen juice and pomegranate syrup.

Then, for the table, the Thai Platter (Bt690) arrives along with a bite-size Ruby Red Pomelo and Pomegranate Salad.

The salad itself, in a normal portion, costs Bt250. The greens are tossed in a spicy Miss Tea-infused dressing and topped with shrimp and pomegranate. This crunchiness is just lovely.

Also on the platter are salted dried beef coated with Sencha tea leaves, and black Nectar Tea-infused spicy salad of minced chicken and cucumber.

There are Earl Grey Gentleman-smoked salmon in a fiery Thai herbal garden salad garnished with herbs, and a spring roll filled with stir-fried vermicelli, vegetables and crabmeat presented with sweet-and-sour tamarind sauce infused with Caramel Tea.

 And finally, the platter holds a satay of chicken, shrimps and Wagyu beef, accompanied by a peanut sauce infused with Coconut Tea as well as a sweet-and-sour sauce.

It’s recommended that the Thai Platter be paired with Earl Grey Buddha, which has a beautiful fragrance inspired by the original Earl Grey blend and is composed of green teas, rare bergamot from Sicily and Provencal rose.

Crustacean Wonton Soup in Imperial Oolong broth

For a wonderful appetiser, Crustacean Wonton Soup (Bt250) is replete with lobster, crab and prawn nestled in the wontons, and even a hint of truffle. It’s served with baby bok choy in an aromatic Imperial Oolong-infused broth.

This is best paired with Secret of Siam Tea, an exquisite house blend of blue and green tea enhanced by the subtle scent of ginger, yielding a warm and enticing flavour.

One of Thailand’s favourite street foods and enjoyed in every home, spicy Phad Gaprow, makes its appearance among the main courses.

Lobster Phad Gaprow

The salon being a posh place, though, here it’s Lobster Phad Gaprow (Bt390), with the shellfish stir-fried amid fresh chilli and holy basil leaves and sprinkled with Black Nectar Tea. It’s accompanied by a fried egg and jasmine and riceberry rice, both steamed in Red Jasmine Tea rather than plain water. 

The chef recommends pairing this elegant dish with Royal Orchid Tea, a semi-fermented Formosa oolong that boosts the metabolism. It bears the enchanting scent of a night-blooming orchid, suggestive of warm summer evenings. The Phad Gaprow is quite spicy, though, so some diners might prefer iced tea.

Similar to wine paired with food, tea makes a fine choice because it’s considering light and offsets intense flavours. White tea is the “lightest”, but black tea is the richest, being 100-per-cent fermented.

Softshell Crab Pad Thai


For a truly delectable treat, indulge in the Soft-shell Crab Pad Thai (Bt320) with a Caramel Tea-infused sauce. In the mix are yellow tofu, dried shrimps, shallots and spring onions and on top the deep-fried crab.

Chu Chee Pla Hima and Salmon

Another wonderful entre is Chu Chee Pla Hima and Salmon (Bt590), which places fried fillets of snow fish and salmon in Chu Chee red curry paste that’s infused with Coconut Tea. The aroma is decidedly tangy. On the side are steamed jasmine and riceberry rice infused with Red Jasmine Tea. 

Salmon lovers will also love the Spicy Smoked Salmon Salad (Bt250), for which the fish is cured using Earl Grey Gentlemen tea, tossed in an herbal garden salad and garnished with cucumber slices and still more herbs.

Pla Hima Rad Prik

Pla Hima Rad Prik (Bt550) is a deep-fried snow fish swimming in sweet-and-sour sauce infused with Spice Route Tea, red chillies at the ready.

If your mind is made up for meat, the Wagyu Beef Noodle Soup (Bt320) proffers thin slices of the beef with rice noodles in a Talisman Tea-infused broth, all topped with bean sprouts, coriander and lettuce leaves. You can have finely cut white rice noodles with that or rice vermicelli.

The desserts are entirely crafted and delivered by hand. There are assorted TWG Tea Patisseries, including Kleep Lam Duan (Thai shortbread cookies smoked with Eternal Summer Tea), a Strawberry Almond Tart with Silver Moon Tea, and a Mangosteen Sorbet layered with Pink Flamingo Tea jelly.

The taste of the sorbet changes according to the fruit in season. It arrives with Eternal Summer Tea, which has delightful floral bouquet fragrant deriving from jasmine blossoms blended with a delicate theine-free South African red tea. 


Make reservations at the TWG Tea Salon and Boutique’s Emporium branch at (02) 259 9510.

Learn more at www.TWGTea.com.