Shrimps with summery splendour

tasty June 21, 2017 13:05


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The Japanese have long held a deep appreciation for shrimp in all their forms. Known as ‘ebi’, they are the key ingredient in a variety of delicious tempura, grilled, sushi, and sashimi creations that are enjoyed particularly during the spring and summer months.

Inspired by the versatile crustacean this July, executive chef Antony Scholtmeyer and his team at Elements restaurant on the 25th floor of The Okura Prestige Bangkok combine French culinary know-how and the best seasonal shrimp Japan has to offer to create a menu of wonderfully fresh summer dishes.

These include a tartare with pale pink Sakura ebi served with smoked potato ice cream and fresh wasabi. Another favourite for beating the summer heat is chilled ebi with potato salad, leek jelly and Bayonne ham. A watercress scented soup of ebi with sansho and smoked creme fraiche is a good opening for a dish of grilled Botan ebi, another seasonal shrimp, which is served with myoge, white wine and shallot butter. Finally, those with a hearty appetite will appreciate crispy skin Japanese sea bass accompanied by succulent shrimp poached in butter.

The Japanese ebi menu is on offer from July 1 to 29 from 6pm to 10.30pm. Prices start from Bt670.

For more information and reservations, call (02) 687 9000 or email