LPGA Thailand, China, Australia reveals their cooperation

sports September 13, 2017 06:20

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The LPGA Thailand season-ending PTT THAILAND LPGA MASTERS 2017 gets underway this morning at Panya Indra Golf Club in Bangkok.

The “PTT THAILAND LPGA MASTERS 2017” Tri-Sanctioning Press Conference was held on 12 September 2017 at Panya Indra Golf Club, one of the main supporters as host venue since the first edition in 2013. The press conference is to announce its inaugural great cooperation of three sanctioning bodies which are the major ladies golf tours of the region.

THAI LPGA, on behalf of the promoter and organizer of the tournament, represented by Ms. Patinya Kuantrakul, President revealed regarding the sanctioning with Australian LPGA and China LPGA that, “THAI LPGA, on behalf of Promoter and Organizer of PTT THAILAND LPGA MASTERS 2017, is pleased and excited that the tournament is coming to the fifth edition which its success is still growing continuously. Last year we co-sanctioned with Australian LPG and the feedback was great. And this year we have China LPGA to make our tournament greater and become tri-sanctioning. We are proud to make such an international stage for our players to compete in home soil and they can exchange their experience with other top players in the international tournament and progress their performance.”

Mr. TK Pen, Vice Chairman of China Golf Association and Chairman of China LPGA Tour stated that, “I'm very happy that CLPGA can come to Thailand to run the tour, which is the first time CLPGA be one of the sanction bodies of Thailand tour. There is deep and distant friendship between Thailand and China. China LPGA Tour established in 2009, but from the 2004 Oriental Masters began to have Thai players to participate in. After 12 years, China has become the second home of the Thai players. Nowadays, there are 300 members in CLPGA, of which there are 47 Thai players. Over the years Thai players have won 23 of the 103 China LPGA Tour events. Among those players there are 9 who have developed their game on the US LPGA Tour and Japan LPGA Tour. China LPGA Tour is a very important athletic platform for Thai players. In the early days of the establishment of China tour, lacking of players, Thai players came to China to help the smooth development of the events, and Thai referees came to China as well. Now we are very excited to bring Women's World Golf Rankings to Thai LPGA Tour for the first time in the fifth year of PTT Thai masters. China and Thailand have been helping each other for 12 years. Asia contains an important force in the golf industry, the Thai star Aria occupied the world's first position for up to two weeks. China and Thailand need to join forces to jointly promote the development of golf projects.”

While Jessica Cowie, Board Member of ALPG said that, “The ALPG are thrilled to start the 2017/18 ALPG Tour Season​ in Thailand with​ the ​PTT ​Thailand LPGA​ Masters​. Following a successful event in 2016​​,​ ​we believe this is an exciting opportunity for our all members as the event has now grown to a tri-sanctioned tournament with the Thai LPGA and CLPGA, & now the recognition of ​the Rolex Women's World Ranking status. As an organization, we are very focused on opportunities within Asia and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with the two tours​ for the future success of the event. I am very pleased to announce​ today,​ that the 2017 ​PTT Thailand LPGAMasters Champion will receive invitations into all tier 2 tournaments for the 2018 ALPG season, including the Oates Victorian Open. I wish all competitors the best of luck.” 

“PTT THAILAND LPGA MASTERS 2017” is the ladies professional golf tournament originated and organized by THAI LPGA. The field of the fifth edition in 2017 features 114 players from 16 countries which are 40 players of THAI LPGA, 44 players of China LPGA, 20 players of Australian LPG and 10 invitation spots in stroke play competition over 54 holes in 3 rounds. There is cut-off after 2 rounds for top 50 and tie to compete in 3rd round in 15 September for 4-million purse money and world ranking points. The 2017 champion will earn 600,000 Thai Baht as prize money and spots in 2 tournaments of ALPG Tour, including Oates Victorian Open in 2018.

2-day LIVE Broadcasting on Thursday, 14 September (13.30-16.30 hrs.) and Friday, 15 September (11.30-14.30 hrs.) is through True Sport HD 2 of True Visions. Admissions ticket is available at ticket booths in Panya Indra Golf Club during 13-15 September at 100 Thai Baht/person (3-day pass) and free entry for spectators under 18 years old and over 60 years old.

More information can be followed at www.thailpga.com or THAI LPGA Official Fanpage (facebook.com/thailpgafanpage).


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