Pounding the pavements without pain

shopping March 04, 2019 12:55

By The Nation

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Asicstiger has revived its classic design for the HyperGel-Lyte lifestyle footwear that combines advanced sports performance technology with all-day comfort and a lightweight ride.

First released in 1987, the new series includes the HyperGel midsole integrated foam and Gel technologies, which were previously only available in Asics performance footwear designed for running and fitness, with rebound and cushioning for allday support. They reduces impact and preserves energy, allowing for improved comfort, endurance, and movement.

Developed and tested at the Institute of Sports Science in Kobe, Japan, the shoes provides about 30 per cent more bounce than standard EVA with excellent cushioning and restore its shape faster than other midsole materials offering consistent comfort for all day wear. 

Each midsole consists of about 1015 per cent Gel beads randomly distributed in each individual shoe. 

“At Asicstiger, we are always looking at ways to bring the ASICS technology to people to experience on the streets. This new HyperGel tech will bring wearers comfort with every step,” designer Kenichi Kawano says. 

The HyperGel-Lyte sneakers are priced at Bt4,500 a pair. 

Find out more details at Asicstiger.com.