Lunar takeoff with adidas sneakers

shopping January 29, 2019 11:55

By The Nation

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Adidas Originals continues its collaboration with Pharrell Williams this year with the limited PW CNY collection featuring intriguing designs in the SolarHu Glide and BYW sneakers.

Inspired by Chinese colour symbolism, the sneakers have predominantly red uppers with gold embellishments to bring good fortune and happiness to the wearer in the New Year. 

The SolarHu Glide CNY series features an embroidered “fu” symbol on the upper parts, a character traditionally placed upsidedown on the doors of Chinese homes to bring prosperity to the household. 

The BYW CNY theme features the word “ambition” embroidered across both the left and right uppers, inspiring its wearer to remain determined throughout the coming year. 

Featuring a red and black knitted upper combined with a full length Boost sole, the SolarHu Glide CNY seamlessly blends striking visual tones with unparalleled performancerunning technology. 

Meanwhile, boasting a blend of soft breathable knit fabrics atop a split sole with white Boost heel tooling, the BYW CNY model represents the pinnacle of comfort and aesthetic design.

Available on January 31, the SolarHu Glide CNY sneakers are priced at Bt5,500 and the BYW CNY models Bt10,000.  

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