Pigs never looked so gorgeous

shopping January 26, 2019 01:00

By The Nation Weekend

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Swarovski has jewellery to dazzle in the year of the porker

SWAROVSKI and the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing bring you prosperity, joy and good fortune this Chinese New Year with the newest edition of sparkling jewellery and accessories that pay homage to first-class craftsmanship. 

A symbol of optimism and honesty, the Pig limited edition displays 698 facets of golden crystal associated with good fortune. The curved, clear-crystal base is inspired by the shape of the Huang Jade fans seen in Chinese art and features the Swarovski logo. 

When all 12 signs are placed together, they form a circle symbolising the endless cycle of life.

Designed by Hiroshi Yoshii, the Determined Pig is a treasured keepsake for anyone born in the Year of the Pig. Its stunning pink crystal and playful character symbolise courage and determination synonymous with this zodiac sign.

 Finely crafted in rose-gold-plated metal, this flying pig charm is embellished with ultra-feminine pink crystal Pointiage and features a Swarovski medallion, while the key ring and hook mean it can attach to any bag or set of keys.

 With its vibrant colouring and 298 sparkling facets, the Pig ornament boasts a cute pink crystal pig and two pink tassels that will brighten up the mood and tone for every Chinese New Year celebration.

Designed around a dancing crystal concept, the Sparkling Dance ring is complete with a round stone inside a 3D cage and enhanced with crystal pave. The Sparkling Dance rose gold-plated necklace features a round dark red stone inside a pave-embellished 3D cage. 

Featuring 202 crafted facets and details in golden crystal, the stunning and highly symbolic Hulu gourd symbolises life and new beginnings in Chinese culture and is often associated with happiness and good fortune. Chinese people believe it’s able to absorb negative energy within its surroundings.

The Swiss-made Era Journey watch is water resistant up to 50 meters and boasts a rose gold-tone coated case, a ruby-coloured genuine leather strap, shimmering Swarovski crystal embellishments and a ruby-pink sunray dial. 

Find out more at www.Swarovski.com.