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shopping January 21, 2019 16:00

By The Nation

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Founded by the Heilan Group back in 1988, Chinese fashion brand OVV – named for “Original. Vogue and Value” – is now making its debut in Thailand with the opening of a first store at CentralWorld.

Designed for women who need to look smart at work, the apparel makes a statement of timeless elegance through three styles –New Classic, Smart Casual and Vacation and Event. 

New Classic is minimal and classic design that every woman should own. Designed with high-quality materials with modern details, the pieces are classic with a fun twist. 

Smart Casual is more fashionable and contemporary. The pieces, which can be worn on casual days or working days, give a woman confidence that she is looking good. 

Vacation & Event is luxurious and elegant and will look good whether worn for leisure occasions or special events. 

The brand focuses on translating the high-fashion languages into valuable products, trying their best to put impeccable cuts, silky fabrics, comfortable fits and reasonable prices into each design.