• Sparklenight, Bt2,350
  • Roug’ Heure, Bt2,150

Under the night sky

shopping November 03, 2018 01:00

By The Nation Weekend

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The latest Swatch watches flicker like starlight

SWISS WRISTWATCH brand Swatch and London-based design studio Kapitza have produced the Think Fun collection, full of colour and glitter.

Kapitza is famed for previously working with the likes of Ikea, Gucci and Comme des Garcons. 

The collection has two separate themes. 

Bluesparkles, Bt2,650

Inspired by the cosmos of shining stars, the Stardust line is graced with Swarovski crystals on the dials, 

making it glimmer at night. The pieces come in shades described as darksparkles, bluesparkles, sparklelight, pinksparkles and sparklenight. 

Psycadelic, Bt2,500

The Color Blocks series plays with vibrant streaks and geometric forms. There are five shades and designs to choose, but all are 30-metre water-resistant and feature a plastic case, silicone straps and Quartz movements. 

The prices range from Bt2,150 to Bt2,650. 

Find out more at (02) 610 0200 or www.Swatch.com/th.