• Swimming Siren DW ceramic mug, Bt950
  • Under Stars stainless steel tumbler, Bt1,350
  • Swim Siren Cold Cup tumbler, Bt600
  • MI-Journal Siren, Bt500

Waiter, there’s a mermaid in my cup!

shopping September 29, 2018 01:00

By The Nation Weekend

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Starbucks portrays the queen of the underwater world in shades of blue, turquoise and gold

AMERICAN COFFEEHOUSE Starbucks adds zest to everyday life this autumn with the launch of its new Siren Mermaid drinkware.

With a palette of blue, turquoise and gold representing this queen of the underwater world, the latest drinkware features a distinctive ocean theme in a range of designs that collectors will love. 

Ideal for hot and cold drinks, the Swimming Siren DW double-layered ceramic mug comes in turquoise with a metallic gold ceramic lid. The design shows the Siren mermaid holding a coffee cup. 

Crown with saucer coated blue ceramic mug, Bt980

The blue coated Crown ceramic mug with saucer is decorated with a metallic gold mermaid and comes with a crown-shaped lid reminiscent of the mermaid. 

The SS Siren Scale Tail stainless-steel tumbler with a sailing junk and mermaid tail design has a blue plastic lid while the Under Stars is dark blue stainless-steel tumbler with a unique motif of tiny stars and a lid that prevents leakage. 

Full Siren plastic tumbler, Bt480

The double-layered stainless-steel tumbler called Siren Tail under Stars is in gradient blues decorated with a mermaid’s tail rising from the sea and a black lid. The Full Siren double-layered plastic tumbler has the iconic Siren mermaid decoration and a blue lid made for easy drinking. 

Designed to contain cold beverages, the SS Night Sky double-layered stainless-steel Cold Cup tumbler in gradient shades of blue and greenish-blue is dotted with tiny golden stars and comes with a reusable straw. 

Under Stars stainless steel tumbler, Bt1,350

The SS Gold Scale is a double-layered stainless steel Cold Cup tumbler with a lid decorated with  the mermaid’s scales while the Swim Siren double-layered plastic Cold Cup tumbler shows a mermaid swimming underwater. A plastic lid and reusable straw are also provided. 

Available exclusively at Starbucks Siam flagship store is the MI-Journal Siren, a handy notebook with the motif of the Siren mermaid under the sea on its front cover.