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Denims reborn for a caring world

shopping September 22, 2018 01:00

By The Nation Weekend

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The once-rough blue jeans are now soft, multi-coloured and made with the environment in mind

DUTCH BRAND G-Star Raw has introduced a collection of trendy jeans for autumn and winter that traces the history of denim back to its utilitarian roots as the material best suited to rugged labour.

Inspired by classic denim workwear such as US Old West garments, vintage racing suits and delivery-service uniforms, the collection adds bold colours and fresh premium fabrics.

Tahire T-shirt, Bt1,990

Along with skirts, jackets, overshirts and chinos, the 3D-constructed Elwood jeans and their workwear counterpart the Faroes jeans have been developed in a new denim hue. 

The fabric combines sustainable fibres with eco-friendly dyes from Archroma, resulting in 54 per cent less water use than in the standard dyeing process, 65 per cent less energy, 69 per cent less carbon dioxide and 48 per cent less chemicals. 

Lanc 3D high straight jeans, Bt4,500

 The sustainably developed garments carry the title “Uniform of the Free” to pay homage to denim’s origins, a choice for the game-changers, rebels and free-spirited individuals of the past, present and future. 

Find out more details at www.Central.co.th/g-star-raw.m