• Obscurite Ostentatoire ladybug-inspired earrings, Bt5,900
  • Flore Mysterieuse earrings, Bt8,500
  • Symphonie des Fleurs bracelet, Bt11,900

Flowers in a winter garden

shopping September 15, 2018 01:00

By The Nation Weekend

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French jewellery brand Les Nereides celebrates the arrival of autumn and winter with a new collection that takes nature as its inspiration

Boasting 13 different themes, the Dans la Clairiere (Bucolic Encounter) series comes in pastel shades and gives life to an adorable rural scene that has delicate chickadees, timid fawns and happy rabbits sauntering through lush pastures. 

Influenced by the contemporary floral compositions and craftsmanship of De Beaulieu in Paris, the Symphonie des Fleurs (Flower Symphony) line has a feminine bouquet, with giant flowers mingling with delicate organic motifs, adorned by extremely fine hand-enamelling. 

Dans la Clairiere necklace, Bt19,900 

The Flore Mysterieuse (A Stranger Garden) collection associates astonishing coral-like shapes with exotic flowers. This garden deploys a palette of brightly coloured enamels with metallic accents, enhanced by rhinestones, cut glass and pearls. 

The Obscurite Ostentatoire (Ostentatious Obscurity) theme pays homage to the tradition of insect ornaments, with cut glass and rhinestones making up the abdomen of ladybirds, dragonflies, beetles and bees whose legs and wings are adorned in gold. 

Dans la Clairiere ring with a reindeer, Bt7,900

The La Diamantine selection harks back to the golden age of Hollywood with its hand-faceted glass gems. The “Crystal” shade emulates the euphoria of a diamond necklace and the “Plum” shade adds warmth of chilly winter nights. 

 Pas de Deux bracelet with ballet dancers, Bt8,900

Inspired by the feminine and graceful dancers of the Opera de Paris, the Mini Pas de Deux (Mini Ballerina) is a classic line in new colour shades of gradient plum and pink gold. The Bracelets Chanceux (Good Luck Tokens) edition creates an astrological sign engraved on a medal, whilst pearls in your lucky colour accompany fine bracelets plated with 14K gold.