• Printed trucker jacket decorated with Felix the Cat, Bt8,500
  • Mixed print maxi dress, Bt6,900
  • Printed jacket, Bt5,500

Climbing every mountain

shopping August 25, 2018 01:00

By The Nation Weekend

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Reach the peak of fashion with Scoth & Soda's jazzy prints

DUTCH FASHION brand Scotch & Soda celebrates the coming of the European autumn and Thailand’s cooler season with the launch of a new collection of outfits and accessories for both men and women. 

On the theme “Magical Altitudes”, the new designs are inspired by trekking to the summit of a mountain range and the views of the landscapes along the sides. This is combined with the “Expedition Couture” trend that takes classic mountain ideas such as tech-fastenings, fabrics and silhouettes and re-imagines them in new shades, prints and finishes. 

Featuring a new take on check and re-coloured animal prints, the new collection boasts exotic floral prints, innovative alpine knits, and a dash of western detailing. 

The new collection is available at Central Embassy and Zen.