Clothes with choreographed moves

shopping June 13, 2018 13:00

By The Nation

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London-based fashion brand Cos recently launched its new Soma collection of 17 menswear essentials and presented at the major fashion event Pitti Uomo through a choreographed work by Wayne McGregor performed by 10 of his dancers.

The dance work focused on everyday movements – the roll of a sleeve, the way a collar catches at the neck, fabric brushing against skin, fingers tugging at a cuff absentmindedly– gestures which alter how clothes sit on the body.

The colour palette has been narrowed to white, navy and grey and each style encapsulates the Cos aesthetic –wearable and versatile, while quietly inventive. The design is explored and function is brought to the forefront. 

“We are constantly exploring and innovating, finding inspiration for our collections from every discipline of the art world, including dance. Everyday movements of clothes on the body were the starting point for Soma, and it has been an honour to see the collection come to life at Pitti Uomo through choreography,” said Karin Gustafsson, the brand’s creative director.

Soma encapsulates the core Cos aesthetic and values, using traditional methods and new techniques to form an understated collection, designed for longevity.

“Soma examines the organic connection and physical fluency between garment and the everyday movement of the wearer. The elements present in the natural environment, have inspired and form part of the musical score. My choreography, performed by the dancers, has movements which are both familiar and unfamiliar, light, inventive and playful, but simple in their essence,” McGregor explained.

The performance is available on and the collection can be purchased online in Europe, USA and South Korea on September 6.