• Double-layered Swirling Summer 16 oz Plastic Cold Cup, Bt480
  • Summer Coloured PL 16 oz Water Bottle, Bt500
  • Cool Whip Glass 12 oz Tumbler A, Bt600

Drinkware that’ positively ‘mangolicious’

shopping May 27, 2018 01:00

By The Sunday Nation

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Starbucks looks to summer with a new collection of mugs and tumblers to hold your favourite drinks

WITH ITS special summer beverage Mango Sticky Rice Creme Frappuccino darling of all mango lovers, Starbucks is also bringing a refreshing touch to daily life with its Mango limited-edition drinkware in yellow, green and white.

Suitable for hot and cold drinks, the double-layered stainless-steel Mango Rock 16 oz tumbler comes in white and yellow and boasts a mango motif. A black silicone case provides support for the tumbler and makes it shock proof. 

Double-layered Stainless-steel Mango Rock 16 oz. Tumbler, Bt1,350

The double-layered stainless-steel Cool Whip to-Go 16 oz tumbler comes with a choice of lids – a dark green traveller’s lid and a silicone lid that looks just like green-and-white whipped cream. 

Or you add colour to your day with a double-layered Mango Rock 16 oz plastic tumbler with a transparent coating revealing a mango design underneath. A plastic lid helps ensure the bottle is always properly sealed. 

Double-layered Mango Rock 16 oz Plastic Tumbler, Bt480

Perfect for cold beverages, the double-layered swirling summer 16 oz plastic cold cup has a yellow-and-white cup holder that highlights each layer of Frappuccino and is complemented with a light green straw that clips on the holder.

 The summer coloured 16 oz water bottle meanwhile is two-toned, with the upper part in translucent yellow and the lower part in orange. The middle of the tumbler unscrews to allow ice to be added and a white lid ensures the bottle is always well closed. 

Another summer coloured 16 oz water bottle with the dark green lid features a translucent light green body and here to the middle of the tumbler unscrews to allow ice to be added. 

 Double-layered Stainless-steel Cool Whip to-go 16 oz. Tumbler B with Green Lid, Bt1,150

Two models of the Cool Whip Glass 12 oz tumbler are on sale and come with a heat-resistant lid in the shape of whipped cream and a green-and-white or yellow-and-white reusable straw. 

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