• Dunhill three-seat sofa, Bt22,900
  • Oryza-C mock-up garden, Bt295
  • Jaci polyurethane barstool, Bt1,590

Index Living Mall brings nature indoors

shopping May 20, 2018 01:00

By The Sunday Nation

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Homes of any size are easily furnished and decorated with the latest line

AS THE monsoon rolls in, freshening the land, Index Living Mall brings a little bit of nature indoors with a romantic new collection of contemporary furniture and home decor items in pastel hues and prints. 

Perfect for the living room, the emerald-shaded Dunhill sofa is upholstered with velvet for superb comfort and has a durable frame of solid wood. 

Stacy three-seat sofa bed, Bt8,990

The Stacy three-seat fabric sofa bed had the same kind of rugged, long-lasting frame but is compact enough for apartment living. It transforms into a bed when the armrests and backrest are lowered. On the outside is imported fabric and on the inside highly resilient polyurethane foam for softness and flexibility. 

Byron armchair,Bt9,900

The vintage-style Byron armchair adds an elegant look to any working space. High-quality imported velvet covers a solid wood frame and springy polyurethane foam for exceptional comfort. 

The very modern Jaci dining chair and barstool come up with polypropylene backrests and seats and durable steel legs. 

Vivid-Bananaleaf-C cushion, Bt495

PF-Parrot waterproof cushions are filled with polyester and coated with PVC, so they’re easy to clean.

Vivid-Bananaleaf-C cotton cushions are filled with synthetic fibre. 

There’s also the Oryza-C mock-up garden made of glass, Walenty hanging lamps and Vivid stoneware vases perforated to mimic leaves. 

Find out more at (02) 417 1111 or www.IndexLivingMall.com.