• Platinum Patina, Bt23,900
  • Lander Matte, Bt31,900
  • Hiker Black, Bt25,900
  • Wring, Bt12,900
  • Wring, Bt18,900

Better deals on Bao Bao bags

shopping April 22, 2018 01:00

By The Sunday Nation

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The prices in Thailand have dropped to match those in Japan – see you at Club 21

BAO BAO Issey Miyake has good news for its fans in Thailand: Sole distributor Club 21 has reduced tag prices on the bag brand so they match those in Japan. You can cancel that flight to Tokyo. 

The spring- summer collection just out is fascinating with its creative combination of versatile shapes within a triangular structure. There’s a lot of fun and surprises in the way the pieces evolve from flat surfaces into three dimensions. 

Bateau Matte, Bt25,900

Bao Bao Issey Miyake was launched in 2000 as part of the Pleats Please Issey Miyake universe and six years ago became a stand-alone brand. One of its distinguishing features is that research is going on all the time to explore fresh design possibilities.

Both the new collection and previous lines have seen some price reductions at Club 21, including the “Lucent” series, popular for its narrow and delicate lines and twill-like material. 

Lucent Frost, Bt10,900

 Meanwhile the “Wring” shrinks into a tiny, round shape when the drawstring is pulled. It illustrates the brand’s wit in both the shape and the colours – Ice Grey, Charcoal Grey and Pink. 

The handy “Bateau Matte” is ideal for all occasions and its soft, long handles are easily worn over the shoulder. Magnets keep the bag secure and organised.

Row Metallic, Bt18,900

The subtle design of the “Row Metallic” features a mesh base structure that keeps the bag lightweight, and it’s secured with a zip closure. 

New arrangements of the triangular pieces result in an elegant and sleek finish. The “Platinum Patina” in silver and gunmetal boasts a shiny, mirrored material and comes in three styles – a clutch with a chain, a 10x10 tote, and the new 8x7 tote.

Daypack Metallic, Bt16,900

The sporty “Kuro” is a favourite among men and has been remodelled. The concept is now more unified and kept independent from the ladies’ line. The name Kuro derives from Japanese words for “black” and “professionalism”, and the bag is certainly chic and masculine.