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shopping April 01, 2018 01:00

By The Sunday Nation

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Cool knits and colour accents set the Asics Tiger Gel-Lyte sneakers apart

RECOGNISED FOR its innovative shock-absorbent technology, Asics Tiger has unveiled an updated edition of Gel-Lyte V Zanze running shoes that indicate top-notch craftsmanship. 

To improve running performance, the series features resin-coated GEL sealant directly below the heel to absorb impacts. 

The creative upper design reveals a glimpse of the characteristic Mono-Sock structure, and comfort is assured with a supple, laced fit. 

There are four designs in various materials and colour combinations. 

Gel-Lyte V Sanze is the standard model, based on the original Gel-Lyte V featuring GEL sealing. The cover of the upper splits in two to boldly reveal the Mono-Sock and the kimono-like layered construct allows for an expanded range of motion and loosens the fit. Colour blocs accentuate the toe and heel of the all-mesh upper, drawing the eye.

With an original textured knit pattern on the Mono-Sock upper, Gel-Lyte V Sanze Knit has a feeling of depth despite the single tone and vet-tan leather dyed with plant-extracted tannin on the heel. The knit upper provides a comfortable fit and is thin and lightweight for summer.

Gel-Lyte V Sanze Wool Knit sneakers boast the Mono-Sock upper made with multihued woollen knit with a gentle texture and tones for an elegant feel. The knit material reflects spring and summer styling, creating a shoe around which to select an entire outfit. 

Gel-Lyte V Sanze TR reinforces the original design on the toe of the Mono-Sock upper. The cover of the upper divides to show off the Mono-Sock structure. And, again, you have the layered construct. It’s comfy to wear and easier to slip on.

The new sneakers range in price from Bt4,500 to Bt6,900 and are available at Central Chidlom, Zen, Carnival, 24 Kilates, Seek and F:Lab. 

Find out more at www.AsicsTiger.com.