Starbucks has a heart

shopping January 28, 2018 01:00


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Valentine's Day beverages will be supped from gloriously hued ceramic mugs

Starbucks brings added romance to Valentine’s Day with a new collection of sparkling drinkware in pastel green, light blue and pink.

Pops of darker colours, such as deep blue and rose gold, give an extra sparkle, with hearts adding a touch of romance. 

No matter if you’re in a relationship or happily single, you’ll find a ceramic cup for hot drinks and a tumbler suitable for both hot and cold beverages to freshen your day.

 The selection includes rainbow-shaded St Valentines tumblers adorned with pink heart charms, lovely Straw Heart water bottles, Cork Band pink tumblers for hot or cold drinks, adorable Icy Blue SS cold cups, navy blue Valentines mugs with pink lids, and white Confetti Heart DW mugs. 

They range in price from Bt550 to Bt1,150. 

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