Timeless interiors with French chic

shopping November 05, 2017 10:45

By The Nation

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Liaigre, the world renowned master of interiors and furniture from France, introduces its latest furniture creations and accessories for the 2017 collection.

The new furniture proposals have as a common feature sophisticated assembly sets that contrast with the more massive work of wood carving. With their graphic designs, these tables, desks, and seats are the strongest pieces of the new collection and create a unique feeling of harmony in interiors. The vibration of materials, the justice of proportions and the wealth of their knowhow nourish the spirit of every room and add a silent note of luxury.

Highlights include the Robinson Chair created for the yacht “Sea Hawk”. This brushed oak chair reconciles the power of carved wood with the refinement of its coating, entirely upholstered. Its enveloping seat provides perfect ergonomics.

The Nagoya Desk, dreamt up for a private holiday resort in Kanagawa region, is an exceptional desk with a lacquer or leather top that pays tribute to timeless Japan. The Silla Tray reveals the silvery, copper or golden tones of enameled brass and come in both large and small versions.

The Jacquard Throw manufactured by hand according to ancestral Nepalese techniques is in rich cashmere. The extreme softness of its wool is owed to a lengthy artisanal manufacturing process: the threads are dyed and rinsed in rainwater during the monsoon before they are woven on traditional wooden looms. The palette created exclusively for Liaigre makes up a range of colours that blend into interiors with a subtle touch. Refined and warm companions to every day, the Jacquard throws even find way into home dressing rooms, adding a close touch of elegance.

The Bulher Vaseheir artwork, meanwhile, reflects the German artist who started out as a forest ranger before discovering the art of woodturning. The first phase consists of turning the wood, then, when it is close to the shape he is looking for, he soaks it in water until it becomes soft and malleable. He then starts hollowing it out to get an object of almost transparent thickness. Once the wood is completely dry, the piece is sanded, tinted, varnished and oiled.

The Liaigre 2017 Collection is now available at Liaigre Showroom at Noble Solo Thonglor telephone (02) 714 9040.