Thais not as sceptical as others of online content and brands

shopping October 16, 2017 16:20

By The Nation

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Connected consumers in Thailand are far more trusting than those in other countries in the region when it comes to their online activities, according to Kantar TNS’s latest Connected Life research.

The research shows that in comparison to the rest of the world, Thais are less sceptical of the content they see and more accepting of brands online. Brands need to continue to earn this trust through appropriate interactions or risk the rise of doubt and cynicism.

Kantar TNS surveyed 70,000 people across 56 countries and conducted 104 in-depth interviews as part of the 2017 Connected Life study. The research explored consumer trust in brands in relation to four themes: technology, content, data, and e-commerce.

The findings show that optimism around connectivity remains high in Thailand, and for the most part, consumers have not yet realised the trade-offs intrinsic to a connected lifestyle that have caused people in other countries to become more cynical about the way companies are using their personal information.

Only 20 per cent of Thai consumers have concerns about the amount of personal data that brands have collected on them, compared to 40 per cent globally and rising to as high as 56 per cent in Australia. What’s more, only 22 per cent are averse to connected devices monitoring their activities online if it makes their lives easier, compared to 56 per cent of consumers in Korea and 62 per cent in New Zealand.

In an age of “fake news”, 40 per cent of connected consumers in Thailand trust the information they consume on social media channels. This is higher than the global average of 35 per cent, and substantially more trusting when compared to markets that have had a longer relationship with digital channels, such as Japan (18 per cent) and Korea (17 percent).