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Clarins decodes the formula of youth with its news and improved double serum

An instant hit when it hit the stores back in 1985, Clarins’ anti-ageing treatment, Double Serum, has continued to evolve, with scientific innovations adding power to the potent plants extracts that include turmeric, an elixir for eternal youth. The new and improved serum follows Clarins founder Jacques Courtin Clarins’ belief that skin tolerates best those formulae that most resemble it and combines two serums in a double-dial pump bottle that releases the customised amount in one drop according to the skin’s needs, the climate, or even the seasons. 

“This new serum is a scientific breakthrough that encompasses Clarins’ values in one bottle,” says Karen Kee, Clarins’ Singapore-based senior regional trainer.

“Just as Clarins always listens to its customers in order to improve, the new technology has the ability to listen to our cells. We know our cells can communicate with one another and so the double serum works to help the cells express themselves more effectively in keeping the skin looking younger by stimulating the five vital functions of skin youth – regeneration, oxygenation, nutrition, hydration and protection,” she says.

“We have gone one step further with our studies and discovered that as we age, the communication parts in the cell membrane start to slow down, meaning the ability for each cell to listen to another also slows. The new double serum boosts cellular listening to the optimal level and allows them to express them better to keep the skin looking youthful.” 

Much of the credit for a fresh and young-looking skin goes to the tumeric. No stranger to Asian culture, the spice has long been known for its exceptional anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties and is often used in Ayurvedic medicine. In skin care, its highly concentrated turmerone has been show to effectively target lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone, and boost radiance, and visibly firm the skin.

“Our laboratories have found that extract of tumeric works remarkably well. It has an ability to respond to its surroundings and its active molecule, tumerone, boosts cellular listening and gives off an aromatic molecule that repels insects. This inspired us to look more closely at the plant. To our surprise, when we included tumerone with the double serum, the two-way communication amongst the target cells increased by 126 per cent,” she explains.

The eighth generation |dual-phase technology successfully combines 20+1 potent |anti-ageing plants extracts including teasel, organic goji berry, Beautyberry, and horse chestnut with the tumeric to |fight damage effecting of free radicals, pollution, and stress while helping the skin recover its radiance.

The new Clarins’ Double Serum is now available at its counter in leading department store and is priced at Bt3,700 a bottle.

The serum should be applied to the face and neck in the morning or at night before applying regular day and night cream.