Beauty needn’t hurt

shopping September 07, 2017 16:53

By The Nation

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After seven decades of experience in mixing botanical ingredients for its Parrot soap, Berli Jucker recently launched a revamp of its herbal line. introducing a new 2-in-1 whip foam soap.

The new soap was introduced by its new presenter, actress Janie Thienphosuvan, who is telling consumers that “beauty doesn’t have to hurt”, thanks to Parrot Herbal’s more gentle yet efficient cleansing solution.

The new soaps are available in three formulas: Parrot Herbal Caviar Lime Whitening, Parrot Herbal Curcumin Moringa Tamarind for Golden Skin, and Parrot Herbal Mangosteen Anti-acne.

Caviar limes or finger limes exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells and boosting the skin’s brightness without bleaching. The foam is very soft and gentle, giving a comfortable feel.

A new 30-second TV commercial titled “Beauty Doesn’t Have to Hurt” is also being launching to demonstrate that women today do not have to make sacrifices to be beautiful thanks to the friendlier options available.

“Our skin can age due to two reasons – genetics and external factors, such as UV rays, pollution, alcohol, smoking, stress and illnesses. While we can’t fix our genetic traits, we can still keep our skin healthy by avoiding negative factors. Today, there are many beauty products with natural extracts. Caviar lime, for instant, is an Australian plant rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and antioxidants. It also contains citric acid, which helps exfoliate the dead skin cells naturally, while peptides stop bacterial growth on the skin. Caviar lime is a great ingredient for skin exfoliation without irritating the skin,” said dermatologist Dr Kanokwan Sesthapongvanich.

Now available at supermarkets, convenience stores and retail shops nationwide, the soaps are priced at Bt48 each. For activities with new presenter Janie Thienphosuvan and new commercial “Beauty Doesn’t Have to Hurt”, visit