• Rock band Bodyslam collaborates with French footwear Palladium to launch a special boot collection – all in black.
  • Rock band Bodyslam collaborates with French footwear Palladium to launch a special boot collection – all in black.

Bodyslam puts the boot in

shopping August 20, 2017 01:00

By Khetsirin Pholdhampalit
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The Thai rockers bring their own footwear designs to the market in collaboration with Palladium

LIKE ANY GOOD rock star Atiwara “Toon Bodyslam” Kongmalai, the front man of Bodyslam, always looks cool on stage dressed in T-shirt, super skinny jeans and dark chocolate leather boots by French footwear brand Palladium.

A loyal customer of Palladium for many years, Toon and the four other members of Bodyslam recently joined up with the French brand to co-design and launch the limited edition Palladium x Bodyslam collection, which is now available for pre-order until August 26 at the multi-brand store Yeah! and the store’s website.

Rock band Bodyslam collaborates with French footwear Palladium to launch a special boot collection – all in black.

“We wanted to mark the 70th anniversary of Palladium and Yeah!’s 21 years in business and thought collaborating with a Thai band was a great way of going about it. Bodyslam is not only one of the most successful rock bands in Thailand, but its members are all style icons. 

Based on the theme of “walk with me”, the collection features five patterns and the boots are black, bringing together a stunning fusion of Palladium’s classics and Bodyslam’s distinctive style,” says Sirinporn Tantulwisut, the owner of Yeah! store and the sole distributor in Thailand of Palladium.

Palladium started business in 1920 by manufacturing aircraft tyres to meet the needs of the growing aviation industry. When World War II ended and the demand for aircraft tyres decreased, Palladium put its canvas and rubber resources to another use, opening its first footwear factory in Pont-de-Cheruy, France in 1947. Palladium used its expertise to make boots that were as hard wearing as its tyres, yet so comfortable and flexible that they were adopted by French Foreign Legion.

All Palladium’s shoes are designed for walking with some serving as good footwear for trekking, as they’re resistant to snow, water and rocky paths. The brand also has strong ties with the music scene having been discovered during the grunge and rave scenes in the 1990s, particularly through their iconic Pampa Hi boots. First introduced in 1947, the boots became fashionable all over the world, selling one million pairs in a single year.

 Pampa Hi Leather by front man and singer Toon, Bt4,790

The high-top Pampa Hi in leather is a favourite with Toon and for this special collection, he has co-designd the Pampa Hi Leather featuring Palladium’s label on the left and Bodyslam’s on the right. The tongues also have the labels of Palladium and Bodyslam. Above the inner ankle, the boots are emblazoned with Bodyslam’s two logos; a sparrow on the left and a slashed equals sign on the right. 

“Bodyslam’s logos are laser-etched while the inner features the new Paradrop insole, a super-thick PU foot-bed created to outlast the longest of days, providing extra comfort and softness by taking cues from French Foreign Legion’s parachute drops,” adds Sirinporn.

Pampa Hi Canvas by guitarist Yod, Bt3,290

The band’s guitarist Thanachai “Yod” Tantrakul co-designed the Pampa Hi boots in canvas. The left tongue features that slashed equals sign while the right has the Palladium label. Bodyslam’s iconic logos together with Palladium’s rubber logo patches make their appearance above the inner ankles.

Pallabrouse by bassist Pid, Bt3,490

Bassist Tanadol “Pid” Changsawek came up with the Pallabrose boots in black canvas that look identical to the Pampa Hi boots, but the stitch-on canvas strips add extra detail for a secure fit.

Pampa Oxford by keyboardist Ohm, Bt2,990

Keyboardist Ohm Plengkhum features the low-top boots Pampa Oxford in black canvas with Bodyslam’s two logos embroidered on the midsoles. Meanwhile, drummer Suchatti “Chad” Jan-ed prefers the lightweight model of Pallaville. This sneaker-inspired shoe boasts a black cotton canvas upper and lining, along with an EVA and moulded rubber outsole that provides comfort, lightweight and durability – perfect for the urban explorer.

Pallaville by drummer Chad, Bt3,390

“This collection is both stylish and practical and comes in different models to meet different lifestyles. They are unisex shoes with sizes ranging from UK4 to UK13. They will be a must for both Bodyslam and Palladium’s fans,” says Sirinporn.

The 70th Anniversary boot, Bt3,990

Palladium also celebrates 70 years of its brand by launching the 70th Anniversary Boot based on the iconic Pampa Hi – Palladium’s first silhouette. Available in black and white canvas, the boots feature a running text of the 70 cities Palladium has explored in the past on the original logo, tongue, and rope. 


Palladium x Bodyslam collection is available for pre-order at all branches of Yeah! stores and online at www.ByYeah.com until August 26. 

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