Soles with a British soul

shopping August 08, 2017 13:03

By The Nation

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Footwear, the only importer and distributor of Dr Martens in Thailand, recently launched its new store on the second floor of Siam Center and celebrated with a “Live Exhibition Fashion Show” on the concept “Tale of Tales”.

“The rich and long history of Dr Martens can be traced back to April 1, 1960, the day its first shoes entered the market. Because of their uniqueness and durability, Dr Martens have been popular ever since. Brand identity has changed over time, though, to match the mood in each period. The changing brand image underlines the brand’s ability to honour individuality and self-expression. The best-known features of Dr Martens shoes are yellow stitching, heel-loops and air cushion soles,” says Auayporn Kongpatanakul, general manager of Footwear.

“As the importer and distributor of Dr Martens shoes for more than 14 years, Footwear would like to showcase the brand’s spirit and commitment to encouraging wearers to express themselves and their authentic style through this ‘Tale of Tales’ event.”

The party continued with fascinating tales about the British brand through six celebrities, namely Jitsing Somboon, Oh Futon, Phoosik “Pa Tuek” Pattanapragan, Sun Smile Club, October 29, and BBINKO who created their personalised shoes to reflect their individuality.

Kritsanapoom “JJ” Pibulsonggram and Kanyawee “Thanaerng” Songmuang led professional models on the catwalk to present Dr Martens’ outstanding character in each of its historical chapters. Another highlight was the launch of DM’s LiteTech Knit.

Dr Martens became a symbol of rebellion in the 1970s when musicians wore them for self-expression. In the ’80’, new fashion trends emerged with the smallest size of Dr Martens shoes for men getting floral patterns to suit the taste of female wearers. The trends inspired the production of the classic 1460, which boosted Dr Martens’ popularity among women.

A printed collection also emerged during this period, inspired by the masterpieces of Renaissance artists as well as tattoos from the East. During the ’90s, Dr Martens became associated with outdoor music festivals and Grunge fashion.

In the first decade of the new millennium, the brand began blending classic attributes with fashion thus establishing itself as the key item for street fashion. Launched during this period was MIE, which features shoes handcrafted at Cobbs Lane, the factory that produced the first pair of Dr Martens, and uses special as well as rare materials.

Check out the new DM LiteTech Knit at Siam Center, Mega Bang Na, and Central Plaza Lat Phrao.