Special care for the hands

shopping July 20, 2017 16:05

By The Nation

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It’s not just the skin on the face that needs special care to stay healthy. Hands too require attention, not least because they can be hard hit by pollution, germs and bacteria.

There are also fewer fat glands in the hands, causing them to dry out and develop premature wrinkles.

Hand and nail care guru Prachayamon Buranasiri recently came to the rescue by holding a workshop in collaboration with top local brand Thann and celebrities Ployvarin Songpakorn, Atcha Charoenrasmikiat, Nattacha and Chidchanok Hosajakul.

“We all damage our hands by exposing them to environmental pollution and germs by touching all sorts of things. Regular hand washing is great to prevent disease but it also takes away the natural moisture and flexibility from the skin. It’s therefore vital that we choose a moisturising hand care product that can soften the skin. Products with natural extracts are perfect because they are quickly absorbed. Massage your hands to increase absorption and remember to include the nail cuticle,” she explained.

“The technique of easy hand massage consists of 4 steps that you can do by yourself to activate blood circulation and relieve muscle stress at the same time.

“First massage and press on the back of your hand: Start from finger root to work up to the wrist. Then massage and squeeze the tips of your fingers from the root to end, pressing softly on finger joint.

“Now move to the palm. Press the palm inside from finger root to the centre of your palm.

“And last twist all 10 fingers clockwise, 3 times each.

Prachayamon suggests using Thann’s hand cream series. Four products are available in the line.

Aromatic wood hand cream (40g, Bt550) softens, moisturises, protects and maintains balance with natural extracts such as organic rose water, organic coconut oil, organic argan oil, rice bran oil with refreshing aroma oil from orange, tangerine, and nutmeg.

Oriental essence hand cream” (40 g, Bt550) has the same actions and is made with organic rose water, organic coconut oil, organic argan oil, rice bran oil with unique aroma of oriental world from lemongrass, and kaffir lime.

Jasmine blossom infinite hand cream (40 g, Bt790) keeps skin moisturised longer, while strengthening hands and nails with organic evening primrose oil, Abyssinian oil, organic rose water and rice bran oil.

Eden breeze hand cream (40 g, Bt790), meanwhile, revives softness and decelerates wrinkles with organic evening primrose oil, organic olive oil, organic rose water and macadamia seed oil.