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shopping July 15, 2017 12:32

By The Nation

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Frolina, Thai’s finest towel brand under the umbrella of Cotton USA, is launching two new towel sets guaranteed to please city dwellers.

Named “Condo” and “Hotel” respectively, both towel sets are made from 100-per-cent cotton licensed with Cotton USA. The towels incorporates Sanitized, a standardised inhibitor from Switzerland that helps resolve damp smells from drying towels indoors.

 The “Condo” set offers light and breathable towels that cater to people with less time for towel care and limited space for towels to dry. Minimal twist yarns produced with Air Cotton spinning technology make the towels softer, lightweight and quick to dry while increasing water absorption. To match young generation’s lifestyles, the Condo towel set comes in bright colours like white, yellow, grey, turquoise, navy, burgundy, and dark green.

The “Hotel” towel sets are made with double yarns that offer exceptional softness and absorption. Spacespun, a special spinning technology, creates air cavities that are incorporated in the towels to increase water absorption and breathability. It also offers more surface area to give a gentle touch and thickness. The double-stitched hem makes “Hotel” towels more durable. The set comes with warm, yet luxurious earth tone colours like white, cream, greyish blue, brown, grey, and dark grey. Both sets feature bath, hand and face towels.

They are available at all leading department stores. For further details, visit the “Frolina.towel” page on Facebook.