V is for Vogue eyes

shopping July 02, 2017 01:00

By The Sunday Nation

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Glasses should be as much for looking at as looking through

VOGUE EYEWEAR brings fresh vision to the eyes with its spring-summer collection of spectacles suited to every kind of personality. 

From simple designs to classical aesthetics and with a provocative spirit, the new series utilises a playful palette of materials, colours and decorative flourishes. 

The collection includes the VO4070S model, with its flowing lines and interesting colour accents. The trendy double-bridge formation is reworked in a light, upswept, full-metal design for a truly elegant look. 

Dual-colour effects create a striking look in matching metallic tones on the outer profile and temples, contrasted with coloured metal rim circles and matching temple tips. 

The VO4060S model is wonderfully feminine with a light “retro-contemporary” shape. Again you have the lightweight double bridge and linear temples, classic metal tones in contrast with coloured rims. 

And the VO4068 model boasts a refined full-metal frame that’s again retro-inspired. It’s available in warmer or cooler tones like black-copper-and-brown, gold-and-pink, silver-and-cream and silver-and-blue. 

Find out more at www.Vogue-Eyewear.com/th.