National artist backs Prathet Goo Mee rap song

politics October 27, 2018 13:10

By The Nation

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A national artist on Saturday expressed support for the Prathet Goo Mee anti-military dictatorship song, saying it should be translated into seven languages.

Suchart Sawatsri, who became a national artist of the literation branch in 2011, said the Prathet Goo Mee (My Country's Got ...) of the Rap Against Dictatorship (RAD) group should be translated into German, French, Danish, Swedish, Chinese, Korean and Eskimo languages.

He also urged an unidentified poet, who called himself Phi Kkon Dee, to form a rap band to duel with the RAD after Phi Khon Dee posted a poem on his Facebook wall to attack the RAD.

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