Joint panel to review MP election and Senate bills

politics February 13, 2018 19:26

By Prapasri Osathanont
The Nation

A joint law review committee will be set up to review the MP election bill and the Senate bill after differences have emerged over some of their provisions.

National Legislative Assembly whip Jet Siratharanont said on Tuesday that the NLA would consider endorsing the establishment of the panel on Thursday.

The Constitution Drafting Commission and the Election Commission have opposing views on the bills in regard to at least five points, but especially over the question of entertainment during election campaigns being allowed under the new MP election bill. 

The joint panel will review the two organic laws within 15 days after its establishment, before legislators vote on whether to affirm the NLA-passed bills or amend them in accordance with the panel’s recommendations. 

The deadline for the committee to complete its work would be March 1, assuming it is set up this Thursday.

Jet downplayed a rumour that there was an attempt under way to overthrow the bills in order to drag out the process prior to a general election. 

The roadmap, he insisted, was still being adhered to and there would not be any “accidents”.