Charter Court to rule on the anti-graft members' qulification

politics January 26, 2018 19:36

By The Nation

THE CONSTITUTIONAL Court on Friday accepted a petition asking them to review whether amendments to an approved anti-graft law were constitutionฌ al. The court will examine an amendment made by the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) concerning the qualifications of the current National Anti Corruption Commissioners.

The Constitution Drafting Commission (CDC) had drafted the NACC law governing the body, allowing NACC commissioners to remain in office only if they met qualifications or were not disqualified as stipulated in the charter. 

The NLA then passed the organic law, amending it with the waiver of some disqualifications of the body’s members addressed in the charter, resulting in all members remaining in office.

Some 32 NLA members decided to propose that its president forward their petition to the court, asking it to rule whether the amended law is constitutional or not.

NACC President Pol General Watcharapol Prasarnrajkit, who also benefited from the NLA’s wiaver, earlier said he was not worried about the petition. 

Watcharapol, and some other NACC commissioners have had their qualifications questioned; they either lacked qualifications or had areas of disqualification under the charter.

The Court required representatives of the NLA, the CDC, and the NACC to submit their explanations by February 5.