CDC spokesperson Udom Ratamarit
CDC spokesperson Udom Ratamarit

Concerns set aside, CDC has ‘no comment’ on draft court bill

politics December 07, 2017 12:20

By The Nation

Members of the Constitution Drafting Commission (CDC) voted unanimously on Wednesday to make no comment on the draft Constitutional Court bill approved late last month by the National Legislative Assembly.

With no comments made, the NLA will forward the draft bill to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to seek royal endorsement.

Wednesday’s decision to raise no issues came despite doubts expressed earlier by several CDC members that the draft might not provide adequate protection to rights and freedoms.

CDC member Pattara Khumphitak had noted that one provision effectively blocked citizens who felt their rights and freedoms had been infringed upon from directly approaching the Constitutional Court, contrary to the charter’s intentions to protect such freedoms.

CDC spokesperson Udom Ratamarit said yesterday the commission had already forwarded comments to the NLA during the deliberation process.

“There might be some complaints about inappropriateness [in the charter draft], but the CDC can’t infringe on the NLA’s authority,” he said.

The CDC had also objected earlier to an NLA revision that allows Constitutional Court judges to remain in office until their successors are named, regardless of the situation at hand when their terms expire.

Judge Supoj Kaimook opposed that provision, saying it could violate the law and affect the court’s “essence”.

However, the CDC said yesterday the court had authorised the NLA to rule on the tenures of members of independent organisations, including the court itself.