Prayut poses six new questions to Thais

politics November 08, 2017 15:50

By The Nation

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Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha on Wednesday came up with another set of questions to ask people regarding the future of politics as well as the need to have a new political party.

1. Do we need to have new political parties or new politicians for the people to consider in the next election and whether the old politicians or political parties can form a government that pushes forward reforms or the national strategy?

2. Is it his or the junta’s right to support any one of the parties?

(After asking the question, Prayut himself appeared to answer the question by saying that it was his right to support or not support any one, and if there were all the old faces he would not support them.

3. Do people see a better future from the government’s work during the past three years?

4. Is it appropriate to raise the idea of going back to the administrative style of previous governments in the current moment?

Prayut said the situation today is far different from the past, and people should not forget how and why he had entered taken office.

5. Have democratic governments or politicians been effective over the years and shown enough governance to drive the country’s growth in a sustainable manner?

6. Why are politicians lining up together and attacking the government?

Praut said: “All [these questions] I have asked because I would like you, Thai people, to help consider, and then reply to me. Power and democracy all are yours.”