Junta should allow more dissent: Suan Dusit poll

politics September 23, 2017 19:04

By The Nation

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Politicians are still under tight control by the junta, said respondents of the latest Suan Dusit poll, about the roles of politicians during the Prayut government.

Over 80 per cent of the respondents surveyed by the poll said they perceived that politicians could barely participate in any political activities, according to results released on Saturday.

However, over 70 per cent viewed that this helped keep politicians at peace and not fighting one another. Over 65 per cent said that politicians are still deeply divided, but have a low public profile in expressing the division. Only 50 per cent viewed that some politicians remain critical and vocal.

Some 65 per cent to 55 per cent of respondents said the politicians should respect the law, and give useful views rather than inciting unrest.

Over 70 per cent said the government, on the other hand, should ensure space for freedom of expression, while 6 per cent said the government must ensure no there is no double standard of treatment.

Only 49 per cent said the government should unlock the junta’s ban on political activities.

Most of the respondents also viewed that the nation’s major two political parties lack a respectful relationship and did not see any tangible cooperation between the two.