Anek Laothamathas
Anek Laothamathas

 I’m not under junta’s thumb, says Anek

politics March 14, 2017 10:48

By Chanikarn Phumhiran
The Nation

Anek Laothamathas on Monday said he was not worried about taking the chairmanship of the Election Commission’s appointed committee on political party development, saying it was not under the government and the junta’s control, despite his history of working with them.

Established last week as per the order of EC president Supachai Somcharoen, the committee consists of representatives from various parties including experts and academics.

According to the EC’s acting secretary-general Poompitak Kong-kaew, the committee is designed to conduct a “strategy, plan, and approach” to develop political parties in line with the reform approach as stipulated in the charter draft.

The committee is also expected to create public awareness on parties, encourage public participation in parties, oversee the EC’s budget on party development and ensure that the EC’s party affairs follow the strategy.

The committee has not yet schedule its first meeting, Anek said, adding that he will consult with the EC deputy secretary general Sawaeng Boonmee to clarify the committee’s framework beforehand.

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