Simple solution to trafficking problem: Legalise the sex trade 

opinion June 30, 2017 01:00

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Readers should consider that there are many issues in the United States that are surrounded by hysteria.

People-trafficking has become the most obvious example of American hysteria spreading to the international arena. 

Every US Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report is a promotional piece for America’s War on Prostitution. TIP reports routinely demand that other countries find victims and that they prosecute someone. Victims and traffickers are NOT being found in large numbers, as is expected, because America does not understand this issue except in the mirror of their own prudish sex culture.    

Thailand is buying into this American hysteria. But Thailand could be a leader in the movement to decriminalise sex work. Like the Netherlands, Germany, Las Vegas and other places, Thailand could be a place where tourism of all kinds flourishes alongside and in concert with legal sex work. 

Sex work accounts for an estimated 6 per cent of Thai GDP, and reparations back to rural areas from this trade would seem to be a lifeline for many. Accordingly, taking any other path except decriminalising sex work would be foolish for Thailand.   

John Kane