Regulations being drafted for growing medical marijuana

national January 15, 2019 01:00

By The Nation

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THE FOOD and Drug Administration (FDA) is preparing draft regulations to support the upcoming launch of medical-marijuana farming.

FDA deputy secretary-general Dr Surachoke Tangwiwat revealed yesterday that these regulations would govern key issues regarding approval of cultivation, manufacturing and imports.

“For example, we now plan to allow community enterprises to seek permits to grow medical marijuana, too,” he said. 

According to him, “closed-system cultivation” for medical marijuana does not mean that cannabis must be grown inside greenhouses only. “It is just that cannabis must be grown inside an area with clear fences and anti-theft systems,” he said.

Surachoke explained that those permitted to grow cannabis for medical purposes, for example, should have security guards on duty round the clock so as to prevent cannabis being diverted into the black market. 

Marijuana remains an illegal drug in Thailand. However, the country is now on the road to legalise the medical use of marijuana, after taking into account its benefits for patients. Preparations, therefore, are being made. 

Surachoke said medical marijuana would apply to traditional Thai medicine, too. 

He added that the FDA would be gathering public opinion on the draft regulations. 

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