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Registration opens for nationwide love-focused bike ride

national November 19, 2018 15:52

By The Nation

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Registration has opened for “Bike Un Ai Rak 2018” (“Warmth of love”) bicycle rallies to be held nationwide simultaneously on December 9 at 3pm.

The rallies and related events promote public awareness about the importance of exercise, the love and unity of family and society and road safety.

The main event, a 39-kilometre ride from the Royal Plaza in Bangkok to Lat Pho Park in Samut Prakan and back, is slated to be led by His Majesty the King. Applications for that ride opened on Monday.

The Bangkok ride will also be further divided into nine riding groups and routes, with up to a total of 100,000 people participating, so that people can choose their starting point into the ride. The routes are:

1. A 4.2-kilometre-long ride with 8,000 participants starting from Khon Muang Plaza;

2. A 16-km ride with 10,000 participants starting from in front of the old Government Lottery Office;

3. A 6.2-km ride with 12,000 people launching at Nang Loeng Racecourse;

4. An 11-km-long ride with 20,000 people launching from Sanam Luang;

5. A 20.6-km ride with 4,000 people beginning from Somdet Phra Pinklao Hospital;

6. A 23.2-km ride with 5,000 people beginning under the Taksin Bridge;

7. A 24.3-km ride with 15,000 people commencing at Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University and running to Phra Pra Daeng intersection and back to Wong Wian Yai;

8. A 23.7-km ride with 15,000 people going from Phra Pra Daeng Arcade to Wong Wian Yai and back;

9. A 23-km ride with 11,000 people going from Suphanawa Group Warehouse back to Wong Wian Yai.

In Nakhon Ratchasima, a large number of people showed up at the city hall to apply for the rally on the first day. It was expected that 15,000 people would participate in the 28-km-long ride. It will start from King Bhumibol’s 80th Birthday Anniversary Sports Complex, and then travel Road Number 304 (Ratchasima-Pak Thong Chai) to Suranaree University of Technology and back.

In Phichit, many people showed up at the city hall and 12 district offices to apply for the 26-km-long ride through the province’s key tourist attractions.

Organisers expect at least 5,000 participants, said provincial governor Worapan Suwannut. One applicant, Suthep Samsi, 68, from Pho Preathap Chang district said this event was very good as riding a bicycle is a good exercise for elderly people like him who wish to keep strong and enjoy better sleep.

The rides are held ahead of the “Un Ai Rak Klai Kwam Nao Sainam Haeng Rattanakosin” (feeling the warmth of love amid the cold at the River of Rattanakosin) fair which, to be held December 9-January 19 at the Royal Plaza and adjacent Sanam Sua Pa.

For more information, visit www.bikeunairak2018.com or call the government agency hotline 1111.