Fundraising launched for family of amputee girl

national July 13, 2018 01:00


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AN 11-YEAR-OLD girl has lost a leg following a road accident in Kalasin’s Khao Wong district on Sunday, which also caused injuries to her mother and her five-year-old half-sister.

Kanyapat Suriwong was riding home along with her half-sister, Natthida Wisriya on the back of a motorcycle ridden by their 32-year-old mother, Pranee Somton when a pickup truck crashed into them.

Kanyapat’s right leg was totally crushed and required amputation, while her mother sustained a broken right leg, broken hip and shattered pelvic bone. The two have been kept at Kalasin Hospital for ongoing treatment while the sister, who sustained a broken right leg, was allowed to go home yesterday. A police investigation into the crash is ongoing. 

The family’s poverty entitled them to join the “Kalasin Happiness Model” scheme, which aims to improve local people’s quality of life and eradicate poverty, said Khao Wong district chief Thepparat Tantayanont. 

Along with related agencies, Thepparat had delivered aid to repair the family’s home and create a job, and scholarships for the two girls was being considered prior to the accident.

Just when their lives were looking up, the horrific crash happened, Thepparat said. 

The district office has now launched a fundraising campaign to help them. 

Their medical expenses will also be covered under the universal healthcare scheme, he said, and donations of money should cover any excess of expenses.

“It is my most dreadful nightmare come true and I was the one bringing my kids to face this cruel fate,” said Pranee.

“Now I just pray for the holy to protect us, to be safe, so we can recover and get back to doing good to repay the kindness we received,” she added.

“When I heard my eldest daughter’s leg was cut, my heart broke with so much pain and guilty feelings,” she said. 

After recovering, she is vowing to return to work to take care of her daughters. 

“But I’ll never overcome this guilty feeling,” she said.

“I used to hope my daughter would have a bright future and take care of me in old age, but that dream has evaporated as she is now maimed for life. But I will fight on. I will recover so I can take care of my kids and repay society.”

Provincial governor Kraisorn Kongchalard earlier this week sent his deputy Sanan Pong-aksorn to visit the family and give them initial assistance money.