Labour groups demand return of power to the people

national May 01, 2018 16:23

By The Nation

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In their appeal for May Day, labour unions have demanded that the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) return power to the people.

The Labour Congress Centre for Labour Union of Thailand and the Labour Union of Textile Industry and Leatherwork jointly released an International Workers’ Day statement on Tuesday, urging the junta to step down and arrange an election for this year.

This would assure improved livelihoods for workers and a better society for all citizens based on the principles of liberty, equality, fraternity, and human rights, it said.

The joint statement insisted that sovereignty must belong to the people and demanded that NCPO hand over power in three aspects: politics, economics, and culture.

On politics, the groups called for a democratic election within this year, revocation of all NCPO orders, a guarantee of workers’ right to cast a ballot in the locality of their workplace, and cancellation of the social security pension policy amendment.

On the economy, the workers demanded enforcement of tax collection at the progressive rate and assurance of a proper wage structure for all workers.

On culture, the statement pressed for education system reform, free education for all, adequate state welfare, and the establishment of special social-security hospitals.

“On this International Workers’ Day, all labourers are reminded of their ongoing struggle against unjust employment and to cherish the dignity of all workers, which has continued for more than 200 years,” the statement read.

“We must believe in our power and join forces to overthrow the legacies of the NCPO and amend the Constitution in order to recover our rights and freedom in politics, economics, and cultural aspects.”

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