Relics and special prayers to mark traditional Thai New Year

national April 11, 2018 18:47

By The Nation

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National Museum Bangkok is hosting the “Relics and Navagrahas Puja” in a traditional Thai New Year ceremony on Thursday.

The ceremony kicks off today at 9.09 am with the blessing water-pouring ceremony on the Buddha Relics Reliquary and a Brahman prayer ceremony for the “navagrahas” or nine planetary gods of Hinduism.

The three-day festival (Thursday until Saturday) is a rare chance to worship close-up views and study the museum’s sacred treasures dating back to the 19th century. 

The jewelled golden Buddha Relics Reliquary is one of the museum’s most sacred treasures. 

On this occasion, the museum brings them for display to the Samran Mukhamat Pavilion.

The museum has invited the audience to dress in traditional Thai costumes for the free event, which will run through Saturday from 9am to 4pm.

The museum is closed during the Songkran Festival and will open its doors again on April 18.

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