Embassies bless Songkran in video clip to Thais

national April 09, 2018 17:15

By The Nation

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The foreign embassies of the United States, Britain, China, France and Bhutan are among 20 joining in blessing the Songkran festival in a video clip launched on Monday by the Culture Ministry of Thailand.

The Ambassadors and their officials blessed “Happy Songkran and Happy Thai New Year” in the Thai language and accompanied by a cheerful Songkran song.

Culture Minister Vira Rajpojchanarat was seemingly impressed. 

“The Culture Ministry appreciates these foreign embassies in Thailand for joining us to promote Thai culture to both Thais and their people,” said Vira.

For years, he added, the ministry has invited foreign embassies to promote Thai culture on special occasions, including New Year Day, Thai Language Day and the Songkran Festival.

Other participating countries were: Malaysia, Cambodia, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Morocco, Peru, Columbia, Chile, Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine, and Sweden.


Following the Thai Niyom Yangyuen” (“Sustainable Thainess”) programme, the Culture Ministry said it is promoting and conserving Thai culture by convincing Thais to wear their traditional national costumes to celebrate Songkran. They are also encouraging younger generations and foreigners to celebrate the festival in polite Thai ways.

In the 4-minute clip, Ambassadors invited Thais and foreigners to making merit, giving blessings by pouring water on statues of the Buddha and respecting elders.