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Gold card holders can get rabies vaccine at any hospital

national March 13, 2018 14:55

By The Nation

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Holders of universal healthcare cards or gold cards can receive the rabies vaccine at any hospital under the universal healthcare system if they are bitten by a dog or scratched by a cat, it was announced on Tuesday.

In an online post, the 13th Universal Healthcare Office in charge of Bangkok said being bitten by dogs or cats, or scratched by cats, is considered an accident, so holders of the gold cards can get medical services from any hospital that is part of the system.

The post said the hospitals in Bangkok cannot demand money from the patients in this case, but they can reclaim their expenses from the 13th Universal Healthcare Office.

It said if attacked by a cat or dog, the holders of gold cards do not have to receive treatments and rabies vaccine at the hospitals where their names were assigned in case of accident.

The office added that if provincial people travelled to Bangkok on an errand and needed to receive a rabies vaccine in accordance with their schedule, they could also get the service free from a Bangkok hospital.