Trial over lottery dispute between former cop, teacher to begin on May 1

national February 13, 2018 01:00

By The Nation

THE CIVIL Court will start a trial in May to determine the legitimate owner of lottery tickets that claimed a Bt30-million jackpot in a high-profile dispute between a retired policeman and a teacher.

The trial is related to Kanchanaburi-based teacher Preecha Kraikuan’s request for an injunction to stop Pol Lieutenant Charoon Wimul from spending the prize money. 

Following the November 1 draw, Charoon produced the winning lottery tickets and claimed the Bt30-million prize.

He was still in possession of Bt24 million when Preecha filed an injunction and told police that Charoon had illegitimately acquired his lottery tickets. 

The teacher said he had bought the lottery tickets but then lost them and he suspected Charoon had found them. 

Charoon has denied Preecha’s allegations. 

Both sides now plan to produce more than 10 witnesses and evidence to back their respective claims of ownership. 

During the past few months, the case has attracted a lot of public attention and media coverage. 

Charoon maintains that he bought the tickets himself, although Preecha has presented a lottery vendor as his witness, who says he bought the tickets from her. 

However, a widely-circulated audio clip suggests the lottery vendor might have been lying.

As Charoon walked into the Civil Court yesterday, he said he would be willing to drop his complaints against Preecha if the teacher admitted his guilt. Charoon has also filed a defamation complaint against Preecha.

However, Preecha continues to insist that he is telling the truth and will fight the case in court. 

The Civil Court will hear the plaintiff’s side of story, including plaintiff witnesses between May 1 and 4. The defendant’s case, including witnesses, will be presented on May 8, 9 and 11. 

Charoon said he believed he would receive justice because he was 100-per-cent sure that he bought these lottery tickets.

Preecha, meanwhile, said he was also confident that he would win the case.