Trang politician’s son charged over rape, procurement of 13-year-old girl

national February 10, 2018 01:00


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A LOCAL POLITICIAN’S son, who allegedly lured the 13-year-old Lao daughter of one of his father’s rubber plantation workers to be raped by an alleged 33-year-old drug dealer has been charged with three serious crimes, Palian superintendent Pol Colonel Songkiat Thongsong said yesterday.

The incident in Trang’s Palian district on January 17-18 is said to have been arranged to clear his alleged Bt100,000 drugs debt. 

Wittaya Kao-ain, 27, had already acknowledged the three charges filed by police on Thursday night, said Songkiat: “taking away” a minor under 15 from her parents for a lewd act, raping of a minor under 15 and procuring a girl under 15 for prostitution or sex with another person. 

Wittaya had initially denied either the debt or any wrongdoing. He claimed that the girl had consensual sex with alleged drug dealer Kampol Sunthornkijja in the man’s truck, after the girl gave a lift to Wittaya to a rubber plantation where he met Kampol and three others – Wittawat Chu-on, Budsaba Mawongsun and Pavena Chukaew. 

Wittaya admitted he had later taken the girl to stay overnight at his home but said she didn’t want to go home. 

Kampol was charged, Songkiat said, after being linked forensically to evidence found on the girl. Kampol is now in detention after his arrest on January 22 along with Wittawat in a separate crime for possessing 82 yaba pills. 

Budsaba and Pavena, who tested positive for substance abuse during that bust, have been charged with drug abuse and sent for rehabilitation.

The rape case also saw Central Investigation Bureau’s Anti-Human Trafficking Division deputy inspector Pol Captain Boonyeun Tuanthong helping the local police investigation. The central police were trying to determine if this case fell inside the frame of human trafficking.

Trang governor Siripat Patkul on Thursday extended assistance to the victim’s family, including both parents, the girl herself and a one-year-old baby. 

It is claimed that the parents quit their jobs at the politician’s rubber plantation amid pressure to have the girl retract her rape claim. 

The family, having no money and unable to return to their home country, were seen begging villagers for food. 

Officials took the mother, the girl and baby and placed them into the care of the Trang Children and Family Home. 

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