Almost 1 million people may qualify for insurance reinstatement

national January 19, 2018 15:37

By The Nation

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Some 960,000 people who had taken out voluntary insurance under the Social Security Act’s Section 39 and then lost their insured status will soon be able to get it back if they want, if draft legislation is approved by the National Legislative Assembly on Thursday.

The proposed law would allow application for reinstatement by those whose membership to the Social Security Office (SSO) Fund was previously suspended after they failed to make a monthly contribution for three months in a row to the fund or failed to make a full monthly contribution for nine months in one year. Applications for reinstatement could be made within one year after the law is put into effect. 

SSO chief Suradech Waleeithikul said the law as now drafted would allow some 960,000 people who lost their “voluntary insured person status” to regain the SSO coverage. He said successful applicants would not be required to pay for missed past contributions but instead could start over.

He urged insured people to regularly check on their contribution consistency with the SSO office to prevent their membership being suspended without their knowledge. People can call the SSO hotline at 1506 for more details.

Insured person under Section 39 refers to those who had been an insured person under Section 33 (an employee who paid the monthly contribution for no less than 12 months) and then resigned within a six-month period and applied for designation as an insured person under Section 39. Those accepted into the programme must pay contributions to the Social Security Fund at a rate of Bt432 per month.

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