Bank may compensate ID card fraud victim 

national January 13, 2018 15:22

By The Nation 

The Government Savings Bank says it is willing to compensate the victim of a scam in which bank accounts were illegally opened using the another person’s ID card

The bank was responding to a recent case where a victim’s lost ID card was used to open savings accounts that were then used in a financial scam, leading to the card’s owner being wrongly detained by police

Chartchai Payuhanawichai, president of the GSB, said the bank was ready to cooperate with authorities to prevent such an incident happening again in the future and would consider compensating the owner of the ID card

The GSB is one of several banks that opened accounts for a criminal gang who illegally used other people’s ID cards

In a statement released on Saturday, Chartchai said bank staff had followed standard procedures, but the smart card reader used in banks could only access limited information on the ID card

The machine cannot access real-time information such as the owner ordering that the card be suspended after it was lost or stolen

The bank will cooperate with Interior Ministry in this regard and compensate the victim, he said

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