Police play Sek Loso songs to ‘calm’ embattled star’s fans – including abbot – as new drug charges filed

national January 04, 2018 01:00


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POLICE ARE preparing another charge related to allegations of narcotics use for controversial rock star Seksan Sukphimai – better known as “Sek Loso” – after a urine test confirmed traces of methamphetamines and ecstasy.

Many of Seksan’s fans, including the abbot of Wat Khao Khun Panom Temple, were reportedly gathered in front of Phrom Kiri Police Station yesterday to show support for Seksan, while the police tried to calm down the crowd by playing the rock star’s songs.

Meanwhile, a Nakhon Si Thammarat court yesterday granted release on bail for Seksan on a guarantee of Bt150,000 and allowed him to travel back to Bangkok to hear the new charge against him at Khan Na Yao Police Station.

Metropolitan Police Bureau commissioner Pol Lt-General Chanthep Sesawech said the Police General Hospital’s forensic science team had determined the results of a urine test that confirmed traces of methamphetamines and ecstasy in Seksan’s sample, so Khan Na Yao Police would file another charge of drug use against him.

Seksan has already been charged with possessing an illegal gun and ammunition, carrying a gun in public without a justifiable reason, shooting a gun in public without a justifiable reason, and resisting police.

Chanthep said Seksan’s case would not be mitigated based on rehabilitation, because he had previously been charged with drug use and underwent rehabilitation. The current case also included other serious criminal charges such as resisting police, Chanthemp said, adding that Seksan would have to face those charges first.

“It will be the duty of Khan Na Yao Police to file a charge of drug use and, if Seksan receives bail from the Nakhon Si Thammarat court, he will have to go to Khan Na Yao Police Station to hear the new charge, or else police will notify the Nakhon Si Thammarat court of the new charge,” he said.

Meanwhile at Nakhon Si Thammarat court, a judge has already considered a petition by Phrom Kiri Police to detain Seksan over an allegation of violations of the Firearms Act and another petition for bail from the defence, while police also opposed a temporary release on bail.

The court later decided to grant release on bail to Seksan and ordered him to report to the court on scheduled dates.

Khan Na Yao Police Station superintendent Pol Colonel Sing Singhadet said the laboratory examination provided vivid evidence of drug use that Seksan could not deny and the police would have to investigate further how he had bought drugs.

Sing added that police would issue another summons for Seksan next week and later an arrest warrant if he does not appear to hear the charges.

After his temporary release, Seksan said he would like to thank the court for granting him bail and apologise for his mistakes, which were a bad example for young people. 

He also said he planned to perform a free concert as an apology to Khan Na Yao and Phrom Kiri police and pledged his faithfulness to Wat Khao Khun Panom Temple, where he was filmed shooting a gun into the sky, reportedly to pay respects to King Taksin the Great. That incident led to the subsequent arrest and further charges.

However, he denied that he had used drugs and insisted that he had only taken sleeping pills, despite examination results showing otherwise.

Seksan reportedly confessed earlier yesterday to Phrom Kiri Police to carrying a gun in public and firing it in public without a justifiable reason, but denied allegations of possessing an unregistered gun, saying his gun ownership was legal and the gun had been registered.

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