Mukdahan man Sap Wapi surrenders to Nakhon Phanom police yesterday over a perjury charge.
Mukdahan man Sap Wapi surrenders to Nakhon Phanom police yesterday over a perjury charge.

Sap admits being hired to lie on behalf of Jomsap

national November 23, 2017 01:00


SAP WAPI faces a charge of perjury after admitting he was hired to falsely confess to being the driver in the fatal 2005 hit-and-run accident for which teacher Jomsap Saenmuangkhot was jailed.

Nakhon Phanom police chief Pol Maj-General Suwicharn Yankittikul said Sap would be brought to court for prosecution today. 

“I have interrogated him myself and he has made a confession,” the police chief said. 

The Mukdahan resident admitted yesterday that another teacher, Suriya Nuancharoen, had promised to pay him Bt400,000 to be the scapegoat in the case so that Jomsap could be exonerated. Sap said he had not yet received the money. 

Suwichan earlier vowed to bring perjury charges against Sap and six others who they believe procured false witnesses on Jomsap’s behalf.

Although he appeared on summons, Sap said he had always been willing to surrender to police, and he contacted them on Tuesday night.

Jomsap was sentenced to three years and two months in prison over the death of cyclist Lua Phorbumrung in the March 11, 2005, accident in Nakhon Phanom’s Renu Nakhon district. She was granted a royal pardon in April 2015 after serving 18 months and sought a retrial to clear her name. But the Supreme Court last week rejected her petition, citing suspicions of “hired scapegoats”. 

Sap had originally claimed that Jomsap was falsely accused due to a mix-up, since her pickup truck bore the licence plate “Bor Khor 56 Sakhon Nakhon”, while his was “Bor Khor 56 Mukdahan”. Sap now insists he was at home in Mukdahan at the time of the accident. 

A police source cited a close relative to Sap as previously saying that Sap felt uneasy and couldn’t eat or sleep because he felt guilty about giving false evidence. As a result, the relative said, Sap had tried to contact police to surrender but at that time the Supreme Court had not yet made its ruling, so he waited. After last week’s ruling, he came forward to surrender. A Mukdahan sub-district mayor, Chaiyuth Maiwisai, was set to apply for Sap’s bail release after interrogation late yesterday.


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