Thais warned not to smuggle drugs into Japan

national November 22, 2017 12:54

By The Nation

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The Royal Thai Embassy in Tokyo has said many Thais have been arrested trying to smuggle illicit drugs into Japan, taking advantage of its agreement to waive visas for Thais visiting for less than 15 days.

Anyone caught taking illegal drugs into Japan faces at least 10 years in jail and a 3-million-yen (Bt876,000) fine, the embassy said in a public notice.

It said many Thai nationals had been arrested at Japanese airports since early 2014 after drugs were found in their luggage or hidden on their persons.

The embassy said most of the Thais arrested were women ages 20-35 who’d been hired to transport the drugs by African nationals they met in Thailand.

The embassy warned Thai travellers not to be fooled into transporting any items on behalf of other people because the items might conceal drugs.

Dozens of Thais were being tried in Japan over drugs being concealed inside innocuous items, the embassy said.

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